Wednesday, 28 March 2012

UnThreat: Free Antivirus With Vipre Engine!

When comes to free antivirus, most people opt for Avast, Avira and many others. Until today the outdated me come across a not-so-famous antivirus product, UnThreat. Just like other vendors, UnThreat Free Edition is provided for no cost and registration. What is catchy about this product? It uses Sunbelt's VIPRE antivirus engine! If you do not know, VIPRE is a paid software that scored great in various tests.

UnThreat features the most basic functions including antivirus with antspyware engine, heuristic, suspicious behavioural detection and email protection. With many positive comments, I got tempted to install it for a spin.

With a minimalist user interface, I easily got used to it within seconds. In fact, going into its settings brings up a lot of configurations. Memory usage wise, it takes up approximately 20MB on average.

Looking good, I then brings up around 300 malware samples. Upon unzipping, UnThreat starts blocking active malware, while more of them are picked up on-demand. What surprises me is the above average 80% detection rate. Very good indeed! Another surprise for me when I have not received any promotion pop-up until now!

UnThreat Free Antivirus



I started using it and I love it too! It's great to see you're spreading the word!
I totally recommend it!

There is some info to take caution if you are sensible for this kind:

See the post #168

and the followups. It does not necessary to mean bad things but a good to know.

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