Sunday, 5 February 2012

IObit Game Booster vs Toolwiz GameBoost!

When comes to gaming, everybody tends to maximise his computer performance for the best visual and sound effect. Many applications in the market are built for this purposes such as Toolwiz GameBoost which I have previously written about.

Still, many prefer using the well-known IObit Game Booster.

Choosing the best among them is definitely not easy. Judging by decreased computer processor and memory usage after starting each of them is difficult as all Windows services uses variable resources at different time. Thus I created the table below to compare them by the features offered.

**3rd-party services detections: Ability to automatically detect and close more unnecessary background services.
**Game box: Add and manage your games in a game box and boost the game automatically when launching.

Also, IObit's includes many extra options to further speed up a computer like ending hung applications faster, but have no option for user to control which services or processes to close. This happened to me when it automatically shut down my running uTorrent which I don't wish to. Now if you still ask me which is the best bet, I would vote for Iobit. Still, I choose to use BOTH of them together since no one is perfect and each can supply features that another lacks.

IObit Game Booster 3
Toolwiz GameBoost 1.3



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